Hank founded AEYCH LLC in 2008 after retiring from BAE Systems. He served over 30 years with BAE Systems and the heritage companies of his business unit, first General Electric and then Lockheed Martin.  Prior to joining GE, he served with the USAF.


Starting as a control systems engineer he rose to become vice president of an 800-person engineering organization focused on developing rugged, reliable, digital electronic control systems for aircraft and aircraft engines.  In this role he launched and championed an adjacent market initiative to develop controls and power and drive systems for locomotives and electrically driven vehicles. After eight years leading this engineering organization, he became vice president of a business unit growing it from less than $50 million in annual sales in 1995 to over $500 million by 2007.  His business unit has continued to grow and today operates as two BAE Systems business units: Commercial Aircraft Solutions (http://www.baesystems-ps.com/) and Hybridrive® Solutions (http://www.hybridrive.com/).


After retiring from BAE Systems, Hank decided to focus on the problem of integrating both electric vehicles (EV) and small, stationary, energy storage systems (ESS) with the emerging smart grid.  He primarily served as a volunteer contributor with various standards organizations, trade organizations, and state and national government entities.  Participation in these forums allowed him to learn and appreciate the concerns of the electric power industry with DER and storage DER, in particular.  He brought to the table his broad technical and business experience with complex electronic systems and specific knowhow regarding hybrid electric vehicles.


Noteworthy activities include:


  • Leads SAE working group responsible for V2G standards J2836/3, J2847/3, and J3072; Represents SAE on Smart Grid Interoperability Panel and on ANSI Electric Vehicles Standards Panel.
  • Founding member of NY-BEST Consortium and served on board 2010 to 2013.
  • NYSERDA contract to conduct feasibility study for Electric Transportation Energy Storage System
  • Advisor to board of eV2g LLC – Joint Venture of NRG Energy and University of Delaware.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: B.S. & M.S. Aeronautical Engineering

Wright State University: M.B.A.

Professional Engineer (Ohio)  

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